I have had the privilege to illustrate books over the years. Some are available for purchase through the links below.


Goodies on the Table by Mike Romanoski

Forged by my own crises of family deaths, chronic back pain, Parkinson's disease, and Cancer," Goodies" is my list of tips on how to be happy now. I present the goodies of "Here and now", "The 2/3 rule","Positive/negative expectations", "PATS & Winners", "Tough love","Compassion", "Letting go", "Forgiveness", and "Getting surrounded". I show you how to apply the "goodies" to coping with physical pain and to enjoying life with disabilities.I lay out a spread for you like goodies on a party table. I invite you to pick and choose as you please. The goodies are waiting. If you have the tools to read this book, you have the tools to be happy. To summarize, "The bad news is there are no gurus who will wave a magic wand to make you happy. The good news is you don't need one."


God Loves Color by Sherrill Naug Morris

A poetic telling of the creation of the world.  Powerful imagery of all the colors and variety of animals in God's creation. Genesis 1: 31 - "God saw all that he had made, and behold, it was very good."


Possum Posse by Sherrill Naug Morris

Sheriff Feisty Frog has gathered an unlikely posse of opossums to hunt down his arch enemy, the warty Mr. Toad. Now we all know that children love to handle frogs and toads; but, wait a minute! What if touching those ugly toads gives them warts? 
And another thing: do 'possums really play dead when they are in danger? This humorous little book gives parents an opportunity to teach their children the difference between fact and fiction, when it comes to stories about the animal kingdom.